Atmega-lite Development board

Atmega-lite Development Board

This product is a very low cost interface that allows an Atmel ATmega IC to plug into a breadboard. It provides easy connections for In Circuit Programing (ICP/ISP), as well as TTL Serial connections for FTDI’s TTL-232R USB cable.

If you need to work with a ATmega IC and want to quickly debug on a breadboard there is no simpler system available.
It is also excellent for education use as it allows for low hardware cost per student.
Key Benefits

  • Compatible with Arduino/Freeduino and other bootloaders
  • Compatible with 28 pin DIP parts ATMega8, ATmega168, ATmega328
  • All pins broken out in logical manner
  • Onboard 6pin Atmel standard ICP connection
  • Serial TX/RX broken out with FTDI TTL-232R compatible connection
  • Low cost per student for education use´╗┐
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