LED Gizmo Bug Kit (blinky or not blinky)

This kit is a basic craft style kit that comes with parts to build a bug with LED Eyes.

This kit comes in either blinky or no blinky LED’s.

The kit consists of fuzzy pipe cleaners, coin cell battery, 2 LED’s, and various parts that can be used for decoration (resistors, springs, etc.)

The origin of this kit was to find a low cost project to use with middle school girls that will inspire them to be interested in working in the electronics field.  My wife needed something low cost and still engaging to offer while she communicated about what she does working in the electronics field.

The initial run of 50 kits were very well received.

The next run of 150 kits were given out at the robogames contest in San Mateo for under 16 kids.  There were lots of neat things going on but the younger crowd was limited to Legos (had to be 9 or older) or watching large robots beat the mechanical snot out of each other (just a wee bit intense for some little kids).  So the these kits were given away to give the kids something to do. We provided tape dispensers and a table for kids to have fun.  The kids loved them and the parents appreciated having something to entertain and spur the creativeness of their kids.

We received a lot of feedback and parents were ecstatic over the low $3 price.  The words ‘pumpkin lighting’, ‘stocking stuffer’, and ‘those are cool’ were repeated over and over that weekend.

The final test run was donating over 150 of the kits and manning a craft booth at sonrise church. Four hours of  helping kids build bugs to take home was tiring and fun.  The words crazy busy, and horribly excited does not really describe in full the chaos and fun, especially when you counted the number of parents who built some and had them mounted to their shirts, hats, and hair.

Now we have finalized the kit with more pipe cleaners, extra decoration parts and the choice of blinky or not blinky LED’s.

If you are interested in purchasing a kit pop over to SurplusGizmos.com, LLC web site or retail store in Hillsboro Oregon.

Attached are pictures of some of the neat finished products the kids came up with…

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